Starting a Business in Pest Control


A home-based pest control business has the requirements and capabilities in order to provide you with a stable income, but by going the freelance route, it would take a lot of commitment and marketing know-how. Working for an established pest control services company has enabled majority of those who run their own pest control businesses a good start in the field. Here’s a good post to read about Reynolds Pest Control Inc., check this out!

If you are currently under another company, you should already know that the pest control work is not for people who have weak stomach.

Ranging from rats, roaches, mice, termites, and other pests, exterminators eliminate them in order to protect homes and businesses from further infestation. They set natural baits and seal off entryways or set traps with poison. They may have to fumigate entire businesses and homes while lecturing their clients regarding ways on how they can control pests better. On homes with curious pets and children, special demand is taken into consideration if toxic materials are going to be used. You can find more here about pest control.

Pest control businesses usually have a seasonal nature. There may be a strong demand for fighting and controlling flies, yellow jackets, and carpenter ants during the warmer months in the Northeast, while in the cooler months, when they seek warm shelter and nesting places indoors, rodents such as rats and mice are often a problem. Pest control packages for monthly, quarterly, and/or annually can be offered to clients in order to help generate a steady flow of income.

How to start the business

Startup costs for a pest control business can be a lot.

You would have to look for a van or truck with equipment and chemicals. As a franchisee, you may be required to buy at certain vendors and use certain products but as an independent, you can find suppliers with the best prices. Buying into a pest control services franchise allows you to immediately get name recognition and a lot of resources that is not otherwise at your disposal.

Although, you may not necessarily agree with the methods or practices of the franchising company.

Things that you will need in order to start a pest control business

Pest control knowledge and at least some experience in it.

A vehicle that will reliably allow you to transport equipment and supplies safely.



Materials to promote your business such as online advertising materials, vehicle signage, a website, and print outs.

Strong communication and networking skills in order to create a bond with your residential clients, business partners, and suppliers.


Find out what is required in your area and contact your state pest control board for certification information since pest control is regulated. Trainee positions for those with little to no experience may be offered by some of the larger exterminating outfits and they also provide how-to advice. You can click this link for more great tips!


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